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Autor(es): Dilue Rivero (NURR), Frank S. Dabo (NURR), Gladys M. Guti (NURR), Hebert El (NURR), Jes (NURR), Juan C. Ter (NURR), Manuel Antonio Villarreal Uzcategui (NURR),

    Se presenta una investigaci

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(Contribution of ITC to the teaching and learning process of science, from the CRINCEF)

    An analytical and bibliographical research is presented to describe a set of educational software with Web page format developed using the HTML language (FrontPage and Macromedia) and integrating multimedia elements and subprograms in FLASH and JAVA, as didactic technological tools that support the process. of teaching-learning of science, carried out by teachers at different levels of education in our country. They are the product of research in the design, development and implementation of educational software developed at the Regional Center for Research in Sciences, its Teaching and Philosophy (CRINCEF), in descriptive and projective works, providing users with a novel alternative for the study of contents of science, and in particular of Physics. The stages that were carried out and the tests on the products are described, which included specialists in the area, users and impact, whose results certified that the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) meets the objectives for which they were designed, thus minimizing the existing technological and cultural gap. During the pandemic, the vast majority of high school and university teachers had the need to work with ICT tools, adapting the contents of the different disciplines to the execution possibilities of our students.

Keywords: Teaching and Learnings of Science, Physics Teaching, Information and Communication Technologies, High School, University Education.
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Déposito Legal: PPX200602TR2436 | ISSN: 1856-6936
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Volúmen: 16
Número: 2 Jul/Dic
Año: 2022

Dr. Iván Pérez


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